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Fea's Book of Everything (even the Kitchen Sink!)

Rants & Stuff...

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Okay, I figure I'll leave the rants about life, the universe, and everything to my journal that flamingo_moo convinced me to get... so, here, I'll just say, "42."

Okay, this is becoming a rant, sorry...

I think that everyone on Earth has a purpose and a destiny in God's eyes and that they will discover what they need to do in their time on Earth. Sometimes, the person has to choose what they need to do over what they want. Each life is a struggle to discover their destiny and to complete it. And I think, deep in everyone's soul, sometimes, so deep that they themselves cannot read it, that purpose is there. They just have to find it.

Wow... that's pretty short for one of my rants, and pretty sappy, but I think that it's true. *shrugs* I think that I'll switch rants everynow and then, though...